Rules and Rgulations

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Rules and Regulations

Targa Newfoundland is a premium motorsport event with a considerable focus on safety, logistics and applicable rules and; regulations. Our event is a meeting place for both newcomers to the world of motorsports combined with professionals who have been running their car of choice for many, many years.

However, any prior participant in Targa Newfoundland will tell you that our competitors (and our host communities) treat each other with respect, adhere to rules and as part of this, familiarize their team members with the fine print prior to arriving in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Please also take the time to educate your entire team and crew on these highly important topics. As you’ll learn on the route, communication between team members is key and knowing the rules first hand will be an asset to each of you throughout the week.

Education on the technical demands of Targa Newfoundland equal greater success on the road – trust us, you might need it! We run a demanding, action-packed course. Our tech team is here to help you during the pre-event prep and the actual event.

The Rules and Regulations are below for you to upload for your convenience. Please take note of highlighted sections as those point to updates or new rules in this issue of the regulations. Also, take note of the color scheme that represents each division rules.

Volume 1 General Competition

Volume 2 Combined Rules and Regulations


Roll Cage Diagrams and Information

For those looking to build a roll cage for the event, please download the Roll Cage file below. This information is taken from the 2007 rules, however it does explain the information needed for the build, and shows full diagrams of roll cages to be used. We ask that you consult us if you have any questions regarding the roll cage.

Roll Cage Diagrams & Information