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A comprehensive overview of all of the safety plans, processes and protocols that have made Targa Newfoundland one of the most successful events of its kind in the world has been published by the event organizers.

The 10-page summary explains for the first time how the route is designed and competitive Targa stages are selected, set-up and double-checked; reviews the training of officials and volunteer marshals who run the event safely and efficiently each year; explains how the event’s insurance company oversees the safety plans and looks at the steps taken by organizers to create a “culture of safety” among competitors, officials, volunteers and spectators.

The new document, entitled “Safety is EVERYTHING!”, is being sent to the more than 70 communities touched by the annual motor sport festival, distributed to event competitors, officials and volunteers.

Headings such as ‘International resources’, ‘Beginning the “Culture of Safety”, ‘Bringing competitors into the safety culture’, ‘Role of the offshore oil industry’ and ‘Annual safety marshals training program’ leads readers through the history of the development of the event safety planning process. Other sections deal with the original plans that came from the successful Targa Tasmania event in Australia and concludes with the event’s 14-year safety record.

Please review to learn more about Targa Newfoundland’s “Culture of Safety” and what is done to prepare for the event on a yearly basis.


Safety Doctrine

All competitors and support persons, are guests of the people and communities of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador who close their roads to allow you to compete in this fabulous event. Please ensure that your behavior and that of the people on your team or with you is prudent, mature, responsible and supportive of the event’s culture of safe and mature behavior. At all times, the safety of others must be foremost in your mind.

Ensure you are able to correctly assess your abilities and the danger you present to others. Be vigilant that you do not get caught up in the moment of challenge and overestimate your own abilities creating an unacceptable hazard. Irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated.

Targa volunteers are encouraged to report imprudent or irresponsible actions. Behavior on transits will be monitored. Targa NL will not hesitate to engage law enforcement officials for matters of irresponsible behavior